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The most innovative designers consciously reject the standard option box and cultivate an appetite for thinking wrong.


- Design doesn’t begin with a blank piece of paper, it begins with an open mind. Before we can draw it, sculpt it, or build it, we have to imagine it. Often times the one skill that can best communicate an idea is the one we take for granted… our ability to talk about it, to put it into words. In essence to script a persons interaction and response to the environment they are going to occupy. The description is not about physical space but the emotional and intellectual experience of being exists in the mind of the listener and it starts to take on a life of its own. Architecture isn’t just about buildings. It’s also about the interaction, the scripting of the peoples lives that unfolds both within these structures and in the environments they frame.


  • As architects we believe that creative expression without the underlying script that gives meaning to form is just arts it is through the choreography of all parts of the experience engaging each of the senses that the user is drawn into the story and through the dialogue may come to understand the relevance of design to their own life.

  • SOLBERG + ASSOCIATES provides architectural project management and consulting device services with a focus on retail, entertainment & Hospitality markets we capitalize on the creative talent that the exist in the broader workforce beyond the traditional design and construction arena. Our approach customarily integrates scripting techniques in the design process to insure the delivery of responsive, guest friendly solutions.


- No market is excluded from the benefitsbe derived from delivering a total scripted experience. Design at home should nurture, at work it should stimulate, at school it should inspire, and at leisure it should engage the user. Buildings alone can’t deliver on these emotional levels unless they’ve been created with a broader purpose in mind - to encourage and reinforce certain behaviors within the user and thereby create an experience.


Buildings aren’t about art but the process to create them is. There are no arbitrary decisions in a well scripted design solution. Each element must support, reinforce a guiding premise otherwise its superflous and should be discarded.


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